ESG financing just got easier

We are seeing huge demand for ESG-focussed cash products but, to date, the availability of such products falls far short in many ways. We intend to change that through partnering with the London Stock Exchange Group, delivering the most transparent and robust access to direct sustainable cash investment options available.



Finding an investment option that aligns to your ESG values and withstands scrutiny can be tough. Building the infrastructure to realise it can be even harder. We have just made it easier. Much easier. We are now applying our signature simplicity of access and intuitive technology to provide our clients with the ability to fund a carefully selected universe of Sustainable Issuers that meet stringent sustainability criteria developed in cooperation with LSEG. With origination, structuring and execution completed through our platform, cash investors looking for sustainable short-term investment options will be able to deploy capital to meet their ESG goals at the click of a button.



Despite unprecedented demand for ESG-friendly cash products, supply has remained far short of market needs. Until now. In conjunction with LSEG, we have built a growing pipeline of Sustainable Issuers from the corporate sector seeking sustainable short-term financing within a robust and transparent framework. If you are interested, learn more about the criteria we use and join other Sustainable Issuers in empowering corporate treasury to contribute positively to your firm’s sustainability agenda.


ESG criteria

To be considered a Sustainable Issuer, an issuer must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Have an EIKON ESG score of at least B+, i.e. rank in the top third of its peer group. ESG scores are provided by Refinitiv, an LSEG business.
  • Qualify for the London Stock Exchange’s Green Economy Mark, i.e. derive at least 50% of its revenues from green products and services, as defined by FTSE Russell’s Green Revenues Classification System.
  • Display its securities on the Sustainable Bond Market, and its published ESG framework aligns with the ICMA Green Bond Principles 2021, the ICMA Social Bond Principles 2021 and/or the ICMA Sustainability-Linked Bond Principles 2020, which require an ESG strategy at an issuer-level.


“We are thrilled to be entering into this exciting partnership with the London Stock Exchange. Our collaboration is built on a shared passion for finding a better way to deliver greater access, transparency and liquidity to markets in general and to short-term funding markets in particular, underscored by a strong commitment to the growth of sustainable finance.”

Kevin Cook, CEO and Co-founder, TreasurySpring



“Integrating our unique technology and infrastructure with LSEG’s experience, data and frameworks, means we can build a simple, digital solution to a problem that the market has been grappling with for some time. Bridging the gap between significant investor demand for transparent, sustainable cash investment products and the ever-increasing desire for large corporations to align their funding to their firm’s ESG agenda enables us to deliver genuine innovation in sustainable finance.”

Henry Adams, CPO, TreasurySpring



“As a market infrastructure provider, committed to encouraging innovation, we look forward to collaborating with TreasurySpring. The London Stock Exchange is committed to supporting the expansion of sustainable finance through its equity and fixed income markets, and we look forward to extending this to the short-term debt markets through our Issuer Services platform.”

Darko Hajdukovic, Head of Platforms and Product, Primary Markets, London Stock Exchange




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