Diversify funding, decrease costs

Connecting you to partners
with a shared vision

We created our unique Fixed-Term Funds (FTFs) to transform bilateral arrangements and so can now offer you tailored and relevant funding. FTFs now bring the standardised, easily accessible products that you need.

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Defining the problem, designing the solution

Listening and understanding well
We know it can be challenging to find a friendly partner with liquidity that is detached from the cyclicality of capital markets. We’ve learnt this lesson from the many issuers we’ve worked with over the years.

We also know just how difficult it can be to reach some segments of the market and that’s only once them you’ve gone through the costly process of onboarding (KYC / AML) and updating information multiple times.

Here’s how we make a difference
We make sure you have the flexible funding you need. Funding that is tailored to your individual requirements. Ensuring you have access to various terms, collateral and structure; we’ve got you covered.

We see ourselves as working in partnership with you; as the gateway to accessing to hundreds of investors with excess cash. We pride ourselves on delivering balances that would otherwise never reach the markets.

Then we turn our attention to dramatically reducing costs. Repeated KYC, AML and client acquisitions can take their toll on your budget. So we created a simple, one-off onboarding process and that requires no ongoing maintenance.

With costs reduced we now help to reduce risk with regulated counterparties whose credit characteristics are robustly defined. We know you’re in safe hands with three main tri-party agents: BNY Mellon, Clearstream and Euroclear.


We are excited to launch a new initiative, in partnership with the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG), that offers a unique opportunity to drive changes in the money markets by providing short-dated funding to investment grade, non-financial corporations that LSEG classifies as Sustainable Issuers.

Learn more about the initiative here.


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