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Agile working culture

Agility is at the core of what we do here at TreasurySpring. In fact, the opportunity that an agile approach brings to a situation is one of the reasons that the business exists today. But this only succeeds because of our diverse team made up of talented people from many different backgrounds and skills-sets – all with a shared work ethic – to find a better way.

James Skillen

Co-founder and CTO

Since meeting Kevin and Matthew in 2006, I have led the quantitative and technological aspects of our businesses and built numerous financial models and applications. I have two degrees in mathematics, enjoy long-distance cycling, and all things Italian.

Cameron Doogan

Sales & Marketing Associate

As a former aspiring professional golfer that completed a golf scholarship and finance degree in Miami, I was very fortunate to join TreasurySpring shortly after their Series A in May 2021. In my spare time, it’ll be easy to find me playing football, golf or trying out new restaurants.

John Bentley

Head of Sales

I have worked with group treasurers for the last 20 years to understand their cash investment needs. Excited to join the team as Head of Sales, in 2020 to address the need for corporates to diversify and innovate. Outside of work I like to travel, to watch and play all sorts of sport (badly)!

Matthew Longhurst

Co-founder and COO/CFO

I have worked with Kevin and James for the last 15 years, in which time we’ve built products that hopefully make the financial system more robust, accessible and fair. I hold a PhD in Computational Chemistry, love to speak italian and can be found playing violin in London’s amateur orchestras.

Kevin Cook

Co-founder and CEO

Over the last 20 years, I have worked in law, hedge funds, asset management and financial technology, with short-dated fixed income; building businesses; and B2B capital markets being the common threads. Outside of work, I love playing, coaching and watching sports, wherever possible with my three incredible children.

Alizee Thevenet

Sales Director

I have been in the fintech sector for eight years. Started working as an analyst for a start-up in the FX industry, then moved to work for Virtu, a leading financial services technology firm and have been learning the money market world inside out since I joined TreasurySpring. I have four dogs and love running.

Cecile Bezuidenhoudt

Head of Operations

I started working at TreasurySpring in 2019, intrigued by both the company and its mission. My background is in Treasury, specifically working in Cash Flow and Funding Forecasting and management. In my spare time I enjoy running, listening to true crime podcasts and spending time with my little boy.

Lionel Gabaude

Head of Software Engineering

I worked for the last decade in the financial industry from implementing risk solutions to developing high-frequency trading solutions. In 2020, I took the exciting opportunity to join the TreasurySpring team. I enjoy travelling and playing various sports, so if you want to play bocce on a beach, I am your man!

Miriam Smetten

Head of Community

I am the German that came for dinner but never left! I joined TreasurySpring in 2018 after an MBA and 9 year career in banking, focussed on private wealth management, international business and cash management. I grew up within a musical family and play three instruments – though neither led me to a career in music.

Sophie Forbes

Head of Legal

I have gained experience in-house and in private practice as a banking and finance solicitor advising financial institutions, investors and borrowers on banking transactions across a range of sectors. I am passionate about music and enjoy playing the piano and going to live music events in my spare time.

Oscar Coyle

Head of Corporate

I joined TreasurySpring in May 2021, having worked at HSBC for the first five years of my career, latterly in the Global Asset Management division working across short dated fixed income and money market funds. I am a big sports fan and play rugby for a local side.

Csongor Mathe

Product Analyst

I joined TreasurySpring in September 2020 upon graduating from University College London with a degree in History, Politics and Economics. Since joining the company, I have worked on many exciting projects including ESG initiatives, benchmarking and credit monitoring. I am fluent in Hungarian and German and enjoy skiing and playing football.

Ross Triggol

Full Stack Developer

I joined the TreasurySpring team at the beginning of 2022 after starting my career as a Software Engineer in the defence industry. I have a degree in Mathematics from the University of Bath and I love to ski and play music – but not at the same time or you get cold hands.

James Morgan

Operations Manager

I made the exciting decision to join TreasurySpring in June 2021 after three-years working for an offshore bank in Jersey. Before that, I studied Psychology in the picturesque city of York and latterly graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Masters in Management from a French business school. I keep active clay shooting, rock-climbing and running.

Nick Martin

Head of Marketing

I’m lucky to have worked with many well known brands for 20 years – the last four of those in financial services and Fintech. I joined the team in 2021 on their mission to change the world of money markets. The rest of my time is spent occupying the worlds most curious and energetic 5yr old!

Henry Adams

Chief Product Officer

I started my career in short-dated fixed income in 2005, having held positions on both the buy and sell side of leading financial institutions. Prior to joining the founders at the beginning of 2018, I ran diverse secured financing portfolios for RBC for a decade and built a business in property development and investment.


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