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I am a treasurer in
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Corporate treasurers are busy. We get it. TreasurySpring exists to help you get the most from your cash – simply. Our platform unlocks products previously reserved for the world’s largest financial institutions, enabling clients to access secured deposits with top quality banks at the click of a button. Simple.

Minimise Risk. Maximise Return. Optimise Time.

Investing time to save time
We invested the time and energy necessary so you don’t have to. Building a network of financial and technological pipework that connect firms with excess cash to the highest credit-quality counterparties. All through one KYC and with one onboarding process. Whether it be new banks, relationship banks or even government debt, you’ll find the very best home for your cash, all in one convenient place.

Smart cash investing
With products ranging from 1 week to 1 year, we offer a diverse range of options to meet the needs and constraints of any business cycle and treasury policy. Agility is key to smart cash investing. So we ensure treasurers have complete flexibility to decide where to place their cash and for how long.

Helping protect what is important
We know how important taking care of your cash is to you and your business. Our unique platform allows you to reduce and diversify credit risk whilst achieving market-beating returns. You can now prioritise security, match your liquidity needs and earn attractive yield, with the minimum of effort.


the platform

Why build your own treasury infrastructure when cash investing like a market leader just got easier?

Experience the platform for yourself and learn just how simple it is minimise risk and maximise returns on your excess cash balances.

A single digital onboarding for multiple investments

Simply fill in your details here and we’ll be in touch.


Do I have any credit risk to TreasurySpring?

No – your credit risk is only to the underlying counterparties you choose to invest with.

What term options are there on the portal?

At present we offer 300+ products and that number is growing all the time. Terms range from 1 week out to 1 year.

Which counterparties do you currently have available?

All products on the platform offer exposure to investment grade issuers. These are organised across three core verticals: government (& SSA), bank and corporate.

How long is the onboarding?

We understand that paperwork can be the bane of a treasurer’s life. That’s why we established a fully digital onboarding process. No more wet ink signatures! Regulated and/or listed clients are usually live on the platform within 48 hours of completing their subscription documents and private company onboardings are typically completed in a fraction of the time that it would take for them to even open a single business bank account.

Do I have to onboard with all underlying issuers?

No! Once you have onboarded with us, you will have access to the full suite of available obligors. If any new counterparties are added in the future, you will automatically have access to these as well.

Can my relationship bank see that I am placing money with them via TreasurySpring?

This is entirely down to you. Clients can choose whether to have this information passed on to the underlying counterparties.

Am I able to set investment guidelines on the portal?

Absolutely – clients are able to mirror their investment guidelines and approval processes on our portal, ensuring that those with access to the portal operate within a ‘walled garden’ that meets their company’s requirements.

Who are your current clients?

We cover a wide range of corporations, including clients from the FTSE100 and 250 indexes as well as many large, non-listed institutions down to some SME businesses. Our client portfolio also includes many financial institutions, VC-backed high-growth companies and government agencies. Essentially, any investor with surplus cash can benefit from the platform.


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