Revolutionising traditional cash investment opportunities.

At TreasurySpring, we enable our clients to access a unique, new investment universe in a way that simply didn’t exist before. We deliver this through our light-touch and intuitive digital portal, but really it’s powered by a culture that all share the in the same mission. A team that has learned from the past and knows there’s a better way.

Why we built the business

TreasurySpring is the product of a multi-decade obsession with fixing the fundamental structural problems in the money markets. Our fascination with the sector began painfully, during the Great Financial Crisis of 2008. We had a front-row seat for the Lehman default, the consequent evaporation of liquidity in fixed income and the near collapse of the entire short-dated funding markets.

We recognised that the system was broken, that maturity transformation in fixed income funds was toxic in a crisis scenario, that true diversification was very hard to come by and that the benefits of security were greatly under-appreciated. The problems were rooted in too much centralisation, a lack of education and a lack of access to the best true “cash-like” assets.

Over the coming years, we helped large, sophisticated clients to mitigate these problems by developing the infrastructure to invest cash better, to match liabilities, to take security and to diversify away from unsecured bank risk. But doing so was too complicated, expensive and time-consuming for normal institutions to implement. There had to be a way to fix this for the broader market. Enter TreasurySpring…

35 leading angels
Treasury Spring Investors

We are proud to be backed by leading venture capital funds and prominent angel investors. From our first cheque in 2017 to our Series A in 2021, we have sought out investors that share our passion for building better capital markets, invest for long-term change not short-term gains and can bring real value to help us to deliver the best institutional cash investment platform on the planet.


the platform

Why build your own treasury infrastructure when cash investing like a market leader just got easier?

Experience the platform for yourself and learn just how simple it is minimise risk and maximise returns on your excess cash balances.

A single digital onboarding for multiple investments

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