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blog  •  2021-11-12

Volatility or Opportunity?

Dull it has not been. Rather a busy couple of weeks since our last delve into markets and the one constant has been change. With Western markets having entered and almost exited earnings season with what can only be described as fairly lofty valuations, companies appear to be more than dealing with current challenges and beating even the more optimistic of predictions. It is not just the incumbents of the S&P 500 and their global equivalents that have been delivering.

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blog  •  2021-10-19

Sterling Sentiment

Over the last few weeks concerns must be mounting at the venerable Bank of England. We have seen hawkish comments coming from several MPC members including the Governor himself. Last Saturday, speaking to the Yorkshire Post (which seems to get surprisingly good coverage of market moving snippets) he presented the idea that there was now a new and different difficult job to perform – that of preventing higher inflation expectations becoming embedded. “That’s why we, at the Bank of England, have signalled, and this is another such signal, that we will have to act”, Governor Bailey stated, speaking from home to the G30 group of central bankers. Currently investors expect inflation to peak at triple the target rate set with HM Treasury, at a whopping 6%.

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blog  •  2021-09-17

Everything is transitory

As we head towards the final quarter of 2021, it is shaping up to have been a year of divergence. US indices continued to break records with earnings often beating expectations that were already set high, whilst on the other side of the coin the Hang Seng (Hong Kong) and CSI 300 (Shanghai) are sitting 9.5% and 7.75% cheaper (lower) than at the start of the year. At this point it might be prudent to take heed from the biggest and best regarded financial players including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citi, Bank of America and Deutsche Bank whose research teams are all calling the top and advising those managing money to reduce exposure to the Dow, S&P and NASDAQ as the quickest recovery in history may be about to unwind.

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Fixed-Term Funds are regulated financial products, designed and built by TreasurySpring, that offer exposure to a single investment grade issuer for a fixed term. FTFs have many of the same characteristics as term deposits but can provide access to sovereigns and corporates, as well as financial institutions.


Fixed-Term Funds offer exposure to high quality, investment grade issuers.



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Sovereign FTFs

Our Sovereign FTFs offer direct, segregated exposure to individual treasury bills and bonds issued by highly-rated governments.

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Senior Team

TreasurySpring was founded in 2016 by three fixed-income experts that have worked together since 2007, and its board comprises leading industry figures from each of its target markets.

Kevin Cook

CEO & Co-Founder

Over the last 16 years, Kevin has held senior positions in hedge funds and asset management as well as co-founding and exiting a regulated investment advisory business, together with Matthew and James. Kevin is a qualified lawyer, father of three and an avid sports fan.

Matthew Longhurst

COO & Co-Founder

Having worked with Kevin and James in fixed income for the last 12 years, Matthew is constantly seeking to push the envelope in financial and operational innovation. He holds a PhD in Computational Chemistry, is fluent in Italian, and regularly plays the violin in local orchestras.

James Skillen

CTO & Co-Founder

Since meeting his co-founders in 2006, James has led the quantitative and technological aspects of their businesses and has built numerous cutting-edge financial models and applications. He has two degrees in mathematics and enjoys long-distance cycling.

Saheed Awan


Saheed pioneered Clearstream's Global Securities Financing business into a global brand over 15 years and, more recently, built and managed Euroclear's Global Collateral Highway Services. He now consults as an independent specialist in capital markets infrastructure.

Justin Meadows

Non-Executive Director

An economist by training and university professor of economics for 15 years, Justin founded and built NEX Treasury from an idea to a global, award-winning treasury investment portal, with hundreds of clients and billions of dollars of trades placed on a daily basis.

Ian Tyler

Non-Executive Director

During his 30+ year career, Ian has worked in all aspects of treasury, navigating dramatic changes in markets and regulatory environments. He has held positions as Group Head of Capital at RBS, Group Treasurer at Tesco Bank and head of Alvarez & Marsal's treasury advisory practice.

Henry Adams

Head of Product

Henry started working in short-dated fixed income in 2005 and has held positions on both the buy and sell side of leading financial institutions. Most recently he ran diverse secured financing portfolios for RBC. In his spare time he has built a successful property business.

Peter Kelly

Senior Developer

Peter is a specialist in the intersection of programming language theory and distributed systems, with over 15 years of experience building network-based compilers and interpreters. He leads development on WorkScheme, our proprietary, transactional workflow engine.

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