Treasury Today: A new alternative to bank deposits and MMFs

Treasury Spring

Wednesday, Nov, 27, 2019

The short-term space for corporate treasurers is quite limited; the effort required to move beyond bank deposits and MMFs sees to that. But a new platform aims to bring a few more colours to the palette.

Innovation in the short-term space, for corporates at least, is rare. That’s why, for treasurers, the idea of a fixed-term fund (FTF) is one that will surely have eluded most. In fact, until June 2018 FTFs didn’t even exist, says Kevin Cook, CEO and co-founder of TreasurySpring.

By establishing “simple, transparent and standardised exposure to a new universe of single-name, investment grade money-market investments”, he believes FTFs represent the first material new product innovation in the cash management space since money market funds (MMFs) were developed in the 1970s. It’s a bold claim.

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