ESG: Standing by our values

At TreasurySpring, we understand the vital role that businesses play in shaping a more sustainable future.

Our goal is to contribute to a more sustainable financial ecosystem and a more inclusive and resilient future, delivering long-lasting value for our stakeholders and society as a whole.

In line with this, we are committed to integrating principles of environmental sustainability, social responsibility and good governance into our operations and decision-making processes. We recognise that this is an ongoing journey, and we are dedicated to continuously reviewing and improving our activities to align with evolving industry practices and the high standards we set for ourselves. This ESG policy statement serves as a guiding compass, leading us towards sustainable and responsible practices.

01. Engage and connect

We firmly believe that collaboration, engagement, and open dialogue are essential for effectively addressing ESG challenges. Our key objectives include to:


1. Engage with our clients, partners, employees and industry stakeholders to understand their ESG priorities, concerns, and expectations, and incorporate these insights into our strategies and decision-making processes.

2. Continually seek feedback from our stakeholders to enhance our ESG practices and ensure we are effectively meeting their needs and expectations.

3. Actively participate in industry forums, initiatives, and collaborative platforms to contribute to the development of sustainable financial solutions and best practices.


02. Innovate and accelerate

We are strong advocates of driving innovation to bring about positive change in the workplace, the capital markets and beyond. As the market is still in its early stages, we strive to:


1. Contribute to innovation in capital markets by bringing ESG-friendly products to market that are transparent, rigorous and will have a positive impact.

2. Explore opportunities to integrate ESG considerations such as ESG ratings and controversies into our existing products and processes, including providing innovative financial solutions that align with sustainability principles.

3. Continuously monitor and evaluate market trends and evolving ESG frameworks to ensure our products and services remain relevant and responsive to the changing needs of our stakeholders.


03. Care and empower

As a company, we aim to make a difference by leading through example and supporting our employees and worthy causes. We strive to “walk the talk” ourselves by:


1. Integrating environmental considerations into our operations and promoting sustainable business practices, and by aiming to reduce our ecological footprint, including energy consumption, waste generation, and carbon emissions.

2. Championing social and wellbeing initiatives that foster diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities within our organisation and the broader financial industry, and supporting worthwhile causes aligned with our core values.

3. Maintaining high standards of governance, including transparent decision-making processes, ethical conduct, and strong risk management practices, to ensure the trust and confidence of our stakeholders.


​We are a signatory of both



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