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Being short of time, doesn’t have to mean being short of options. Our unique platform enables you to manage cash like a market-leader. All done with minimal effort, by unlocking hundreds of cash investment products from investment grade issuers, across multiple tenors and currencies. Smart cash investing, made easy.

Don’t let your cash off the hook

Get more from large cash balances that are currently earning you little or nothing
You now have significant cash balances to manage, much of which you won’t need for months or years. Putting these funds to work, means you could gain tens or hundreds of thousands of £/$/EUR++ of returns. Which could pay for extra employees, business development and much more.

Broaden your bank relationships and reduce risk for you and your investors
Diversification. We all know it’s a Finance 101. Yet so many scale ups are stuck with most of their funds in 1 or 2 bank accounts. We get it – no one enjoys the painful and cumbersome process of onboarding with multiple banks. That’s why we did that for you. So by onboarding with TreasurySpring just once you can reduce your risk and feel secure that your funds are invested safely and working hard with one of our 20+ major global banks.

Spinning several plates? Let’s take one of those for you.
As a VC-backed scale-up, we know how many plates you are spinning. Cash management is not core to your growth so it doesn’t justify a huge investment of time or resources. That is why we built a free, easy and lightweight platform to help you to positively impact your returns and risk but not your time. Leaving you to focus on your website, that new product launch, employing 3 new specialists, the office refurb…


the platform

Why build your own treasury infrastructure when cash investing like a market leader just got easier?

Experience the platform for yourself and learn just how simple it is minimise risk and maximise returns on your excess cash balances.

A single digital onboarding for multiple investments

Simply fill in your details here and we’ll be in touch.

What others asked before they onboarded…

What is the minimum investment?

Our minimum initial investment is just £2m (or currency equivalent).

What is the onboarding process?

Complete a simple, single, digital onboarding process to provide us with a signed Master Subscription Agreement (MSA) and online KYC collection. Once this is completed, you will gain access to all current and future products that are added onto the platform.

How much does it cost to use the platform?

The platform is free of charge. There are no upfront costs, service charges or recurring fees.

How many products and currencies are available?

300+ cash investment options are available on the platform every day across 5 currencies. Clients are automatically eligible to access new products as soon as they are added, without the need for any additional onboarding or KYC/AML.

Where can I find your rates?

While you are going through the onboarding process, indicative rates can be found in our rate cards which can be requested from your Relationship Manager. Once you are fully onboarded, all indicative rates can be found on the TreasurySpring Portal, which is updated intra-day.

Do you provide investment advice?

Whilst we are always happy to discuss client’s liquidity requirements and explore how those might best be met by investing cash for particular terms, we do not provide any investment advice to clients or any recommendations as to which products clients should acquire.




To have or not to have?

To have or not to have?

Back to the races

Back to the races

Campus Capital: Balancing Security, Liquidity, and Yield for University Treasuries

Campus Capital: Balancing Security, Liquidity, and Yield for University Treasuries


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