All of the options. None of the hassle.

The new tool for treasury teams at the top of their game

It’s well known how tricky it can be to access good investment options when you don’t have the infrastructure and resources of a major global investment bank. So we built a unique system to even things up. You can now use our platform to access the best risk-adjusted cash investment options in the market, with one easy onboarding.

Easier, safer, smarter access

Get exposure to the repo market in minutes not years
You’re looking for secured lending to major global banks via the repo markets. Something that offers the best risk-adjusted cash investment options available anywhere. But because of the huge infrastructure lift required, that’s usually where the story ends. Until now. We’ve spent years building access to these markets across different maturities and currencies so you don’t have to.

Access 18 of the 20 safest banks in the world*
Working with our first-class dealer network, you now have the ability to invest in many AA and AAA issuers. From the supranational, sub-sovereign and agency sectors. All at yields that compare favourably to deposits offered by much lower-rated institutions.

*Global Finance Magazine: World’s Safest Banks 2021

Making your excess cash work harder and smarter
Many financial institutions hold multiple pools of funds that are often subject to a myriad of regulations. They frequently represent “dead money” offering no returns and creating cash drag. But we think there’s a better way. We’ll work with you to solve for different regulatory frameworks and breathe life into your cash so you see it deliver the additional returns it should.


the platform

Why build your own treasury infrastructure when cash investing like a market leader just got easier?

Experience the platform for yourself and learn just how simple it is minimise risk and maximise returns on your excess cash balances.

A single digital onboarding for multiple investments

Simply fill in your details here and we’ll be in touch.

The questions that you are bound to ask

Do I have any credit risk to TreasurySpring?

No – your credit risk is only to the underlying counterparties you choose to invest with.

What term options are there on the portal?

At present we have 300+ products and growing! Terms available range from 1 week out to 1 year.

Which counterparties do you currently have available?

Our FTFs fit into three broad verticals; Government & SSA, Financial and Corporate debt, giving clients a range to choose from. Our aim is to have the best risk-adjusted returns available whilst only ever having top rated, high quality investment grade names available.

How long is the onboarding?

We understand that paperwork can be the bane of a treasurer’s life; that’s why we established a fully digital onboarding process. No more wet ink signatures! Upon completion of a Master Subscription Agreement, most corporates will be onboarded within 72 hours; varying depending on the structure of the organisation. Listed corporations can be onboarded in as little as 48 hours.

Do I have to onboard with all the underlying issuers?

No! Once you have onboarded, you will have access to the full suite of available obligors. If any new counterparties are added in the future, you will have access to these as well.

Can my relationship bank see that I am placing money with them via TS?

This is entirely down to you; you can choose whether to have this information passed on to the underlying counterparties.

Am I able to set investment guidelines on the portal?

Absolutely – clients are able to set these and operate within a ‘walled garden’ should they wish.

Who are your current clients?

We cover a wide range of institutions, including many clients from the financial sector – varying from well established asset managers, neo/challenger banks and insurance firms. Many of our clients are constituents of the FTSE100 and 250 indexes as well as other large, non-listed companies. Our client portfolio also includes VC-backed high-growth companies, businesses based across the globe and government agencies. Essentially, any investor with surplus cash can benefit from the platform.


Election Result is Economy Positive… For Now

Election Result is Economy Positive… For Now

Paper cuts

Paper cuts



To have or not to have?

To have or not to have?


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