blog  •  2019-11-28

28th November Market Commentary

Happy Thursday, and for our American friends, Happy Thanksgiving!

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press  •  2019-11-27

Treasury Today: A new alternative to bank deposits and MMFs

The short-term space for corporate treasurers is quite limited; the effort required to move beyond bank deposits and MMFs sees to that. But a new platform aims to bring a few more colours to the palette.

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blog  •  2019-11-15

Bank Secured FTFs are now live!

The ability to place secured funds for a week to a year with a highly-rated global bank at rates that beat most unsecured deposit levels is something worth celebrating, or even better, investing in! For a brief commentary on why this is an important development, not just for our business but for wholesale funding markets in general, read Kevin's short blog post.

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blog  •  2019-11-14

Repo Man

I remember the first time that I ever came across the term “repo” in the context of finance. It was 2006 and I was structuring a lending transaction for the hedge fund I was working for, when one of our lawyers suggested that we “do it as a repo”. I had no idea what he was talking about and my mind drifted to thoughts of property repossession and Emilio Estevez.

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commentary  •  2019-10-29

29th October Market Commentary

Plenty to talk about since our last piece, although for the UK readership sadly still no sign of a solution one way or the other to the referendum held a staggering three years and four months ago - hot off the press is that Labour is now backing an early election which may finally at least start us on a (long and winding) path towards closure...

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blog  •  2019-10-04

The ECB gives birth to a new benchmark...

Central banks and their respective regulators have been working hard to replace the Libor reference rates of old, following the discovery of widespread manipulation leading to fines running into many billions of dollars internationally.

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blog  •  2019-09-20

"What are all these repo headlines about?"

Repo (short for a repurchase agreement) is the grease in the wheels of financial markets, where banks lend to one another, but on a secured basis. This week has seen us enter a period of severe dislocation in these markets.

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press release  •  2019-09-16

TreasurySpring raises £2m to fuel growth

TreasurySpring, the London-based financial technology company today announced the closing of its latest capital raise, securing £2m of investment in a round that was led by ETFS Capital, with participation from MMC Ventures and existing investors.

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press release  •  2019-07-10

TreasurySpring Public Launch

TreasurySpring launches Fixed-Term Fund (FTF) platform following a rigorous and successful Beta testing phase during which more than $400M of FTFs were issued.

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commentary  •  2019-07-09

9th July Market Commentary

Since our last distribution Central Bank independence has been a hot topic (potato). In the US, the President has for some time now been pressing the Federal Reserve to change the tone, cut rates and by doing so further stimulate what has been one of the longest bull runs in history.

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awards  •  2019-06-05

TreasurySpring voted top B2B fintech at Money20/20 Europe

We were delighted to be the only B2B fintech to make it into the final three of Money20/20 Europe's competition to find Europe’s most exciting financial technology startup.

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