A Safe Haven through the Storm

Henry Adams

Chief Product Officer
Wednesday, Mar, 11, 2020

We are living in unprecedented times. The last weeks have seen the most significant moves in financial markets in more than a decade, driven by fears as to the potential effects of the coronavirus outbreak. Are you looking for a safe place to store cash holdings through this extraordinary and unpredictable period? If so, you are in the right place…

Here at TreasurySpring, we have always been focussed on helping our clients to minimise risk on their cash investments and we believe that our platform has never been more valuable than today. Our unique Fixed-Term Fund (FTF) platform offers our clients simple standardised, regulated access to the safest cash management homes available, including:

  • The UK Government;
  • The US Government;
  • secured exposure to an A- rated bank, secured against government bonds (GBP and USD); and
  • highly-rated investment grade non-financial corporations (USD only for now).

If you would like to learn more about how we can help provide you with a safer place to wait out this storm, please request our corporate brochure or watch our short explainer video.

An FTF or Fixed-Term Fund is a regulated fund investment that offers exposure to a single investment-grade obligor for a fixed term, without the need for any client infrastructure. An FTF has many of the same characteristics as a term deposit, but can offer exposures outside of the banking sector. TreasurySpring is originating FTFs with sovereign, financial and corporate obligors.

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